About us

By founding the Centre for modern hair transplants, the hair specialist Reza Azar was able to realize a new and ideal method for hair transplants in Berlin. Among circles of experts, Reza Azar is well known as pioneer of modern hair transplants and as one of the renowned hair surgeons in Germany.

As a result of many years of experiences and an intensive research, Azar has developed the currently known FUE-method to the optimized I-FUE method, which allows more gentle single hair transplantation and, therefore, also known as the currently most advanced method for single hair transplants.

This I-FUE method „Intermittent Follicle Unit Extraction“, developed by him, allows the most gentle transplantation of single hair follicles without hurting the scalp through cuts with a scalpel. Through this, the results of the treatment can reach a high standard and without the occurrence of scarring.

This state-of-the-art method for hair transplants is applicable for any kinds of the loss of hair, a goal-oriented and very successful treatment and therefore an ideal method for the hair transplants of the smallest receding hairlines as well as for large areas of bald heads.

The scope of services, provided by the Centre for modern hair transplants, is highly specialized and unique. As the only medical practice in Europe, we offer the gentlest method of all transplant methods which, besides scalp hair transplants and without investing much time, enables very effective eyelash and eyebrow transplants. The body hair transplants furthermore offers best possibilities for patients with less existing scalp hair for donation.

The scope of services, provided by the Centre for modern hair transplants, offers its patients, besides the latest and most gentle treatment technology, another incomparable advantage – a complete medical and professional treatment. From the first consultation to the last control after the hair transplantation, all steps regarding the planning and surgery will be effected by the hair surgeon Azar, personally and under the expert guidance. This guarantees the patients an individual and intensive medical care which results in positive treatments outcomes.

Let yourself be convinced and arrange a free of charge and non-binding consultation at the Centre for modern hair transplants.

Medical director and methodology

The medical director of the Centre for modern hair transplants is Reza Azar, who is well experienced and internationally trained. The following chapter gives an overview about his medical history.

Reza Azar is not only specialized in the field of modern single hair transplants, it is also the passion of the hair surgeon. Due to the fact that he was one of the first doctors in Germany who specialized in the field of modern single hair transplants, he became a pioneer in the area of expertise for hair surgeries.

As a co-founder of the working group “FUE-Europe“, he encouraged and supported the development of surgery proceedings within the field of single hair transplants on well-known FUE-method.

Thanks to his intensive and comprehensive researches, he was able to develop the FUE-method for single hair transplants to the improved I-FUE-method. This method is currently known as one of the worldwide advanced methods for single hair transplants and it is also the most patient friendly method for single hair transplants, as it works without cuts of a scalpel and no damages of the skin and, at the same time, results in best treatment outcomes for the patient.

As the medical director, Reza Azar founded in 2009 the Centre for modern hair transplants in Berlin, where he provides especially patient friendly hair transplants by using the I-FUE-method as goal-oriented treatment against the loss of hair and its different types and causes. As the only medical practice in Germany, the Centre for modern hair transplants provides its patients an all-embracing and professional treatment, solely effected through the experienced hands of a specialized doctor in the field of hair surgeries. This implies the treatment from the first consultation to the last control through the experienced doctor Azar.

Azar sees the succeed of his work in his passionate and precise use of researches regarding hair surgery, resulting in a high level specialization in the field of hair transplants, which are a result of the cooperation with the “Technischen Universität Berlin“ and the university medical centre of the “Humboldt-Universität Berlin“.

Medical history Reza Azar

1992 - 1998
Medical student at the Humboldt-Universität Berlin

1996 - 1999
Dissertation / doctorate at Charité University medical centre Berlin,
topic: Bio-mechanical analysis of free tendon transplants in a sheep model in vivo, supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft, department; Accident and reconstructive surgery under medical guidance Professor Dr. Haas

1999 - 2000
Medical assistant at Sankt Marienhospital Braunschweig,
Department; Hand surgery under medical guidance Dr. Benatar

2000 - 2004
Medical assistant at university medical centre Marburg,
Department; Accident and reconstructive surgery under medical guidance Professor Dr. L. Gotzen

2002 - 2004
Medical director of the bio-mechanical lab at the university medical centre Marburg, research focus on computer-assisted robot surgery

2004 - 2005

Medical assistant at Arcus Sportklink Pfortzheim,
Department; Sport traumatology

2005 - 2006
Medical assistant at Ästhetischen Privatklinik in Teheran, Iran,
Department; Plastic surgery under medical guidance Dr. Ishraghi Azar

Hair restoration surgical training at the DHI Global-Klinik in Athens, Greek and later focus on hair surgical specialization in Belgium

Since 2008
Routine execution of eyelash transplants

2008 - 2009
Built up of the hair surgical department at the Residenzklinik Munich, at the same time researches regarding a process optimization of the FUE-technology to the IFUE-technology with included plasma storage of the transplants

Founding of the Centre for modern hair transplants in Berlin including a scientifically cooperation work with the Technischen Universität Berlin, department biotechnology, clinical researches and optimization of the proceeding

Since 2010
Initiator and cofounder of the European organisation: “FUE-Europe“

Since 2011
Member of the three-strong expert council “Alopezie.de“ (the biggest and most important medical forum for the topic loss of hair and hair transplants)

Removal and expansion of the medical practice offices of the Centre for modern hair transplants, including the research lab as well as the academically centre for training and education of doctors

Insight into our work

The scientific magazine “Galileo“ on german television, ProSieben reported for the first time in November 2008 about the hair specialist Azar and his pioneering work regarding modern hair transplants. The renowned hair surgeon engrafted on this TV-broadcast a low number of donor hair on the scalp of a patient, a successful hair transplantation with body hair.

Another patient got hair transplantation with his body's own donor hair, directly on the bald receding hairlines. Both surgical interventions showed an excellent result only a few months later, thanks to the treatment technology developed by Azar.

Its all about hair: Scientific magazine Pro7 – Special program: 10 years of Galileo

This was followed by further german TV-broadcasts for the “RTL Mittagsmagazin“ and “RTL Exclusiv“, in which Azar, for the first time, engrafted eyelashes on camera, which is the most prestigious discipline in the field of hair transplants and worldwide only dominated by a few hair surgeons. Azar allowed further insights into his highly specialized and complex work in further TV-broadcasts for “RTL Exclusiv“. Here Azar showed and explains an eyebrow transplantation in order to recover and thicken the eyebrows of a young patient.

Due to his passion regarding hair surgical researches as well as his comprehensive and precise work in this field, Azar was able to reach a high level of specialization which he cultivates in cooperation with the Technischen Universität Berlin and the university medical centre Charité of the Humboldt-Universität Berlin. As co-founder of the working group “FUE-Europe“, Azar furthermore supports the development of surgery proceedings.

An important factor of success of his method - the I-FUE hair transplants – is that he is able to ensure an individual treatment for each patient “first-hand“ from a doctor.

Each treatment in the Centre for modern hair transplants – from the first consultation to the last control – will be effected from the experienced and professional hair surgeon doctor Azar. All plans and proceeding of the surgery will solely executed by him. This guarantees an individual, intensive and professional care for the patient and – according to this – positive treatment outcomes.