The I-FUE body graft transplantation in Berlin

In our Centre for modern hair transplants Berlin, the hair surgeon Reza Azar is, thanks to the I-FUE method, especially developed by him, able to perform completely scar-free body hair transplantation. Body grafts are the most appropriate donor hair, due to its favourable characteristics: hair from the body reaches, after the transplantation, the same length growth like the hair from the scalp.   

If you are interested in body hair transplantation in Berlin, feel welcome to contact our Centre for modern Hair transplants. Azar will give you a first informative consultation via telephone. He will also explain the single steps of the procedure to you, the function of his method for body graft transplants and answers all open questions on your part.

If you have already decided to undergo body graft transplantation in our Centre for modern hair transplants Berlin, a secondary consultation will take place on-site with the doctor. In this consultation, Azar creates a personally history as well as a treatment concept, specified to your individual desires and ideas. The decision concerning the most appropriate area for the extraction of donor hair and the number of transplants will be made together with you.

During your body graft transplantation in Berlin, you’ll get solely treated by the hair surgeon and his professional team. The donor hair gets extracted separately from the body by a hypodermic needle and transplanted to the desired area of the scalp. In order to protect the hair follicles, this will be effected in short periodically intervals. This special procedure results in a high rate of growth.

The I-FUE body graft transplantation in our Centre for modern hair transplants Berlin is completely performed without the utilisation of any scalpels. This is why we are able to guarantee a scar-free healing process without any noteworthy pains. After the surgery there will be some checkups in order to supervise the healing process.

Your treatment result is naturally beautiful hair, with your individually desired length and thickness.

We are looking forward to your call.