I-FUE-eyebrow transplants

The reasons for the loss of eyebrow hair can differ. In most cases, the loss of hair is due to an obsessive tweezing of the eyebrows.

But also natively malformations, diseases or previous treatments with permanent-make-up can cause this loss.

In these cases, the eyebrow transplantation offers great possibilities in order to restore natural eyebrows after a partial or complete loss of hair.

There are often patients who visit us after two or three refreshing sessions of their eyebrow permanent make-up, who have such a scarred skin, so that the scar tissue does not absorb any colours anymore. Those patients have – most of the time – lost their natural eyebrows and further permanent make-up sessions are not possible anymore. Cosmeticians can only help for a short time.

Despite of a previous damaged skin through micro scarring, it is possible to help those patients to get back naturally growing eyebrows by using the gentle I-FUE-method.

The I-FUE-method (Intermittent Follicle Unit Extraction) for eyebrow transplants is an improved form of the classical FUE-eyebrow transplantation, developed by the hair surgeon Reza Azar.

According to the I-FUE-eyebrow transplantation, the donor hair gets extracted in short temporally intervals and immediately transplanted to the bald areas of the eyebrows. This procedure allows a minimum damaging of the sensitive hair follicles during the eyebrow transplantation. The hair is stored for only a short time period in a, enriched with body own blood plasma, medium between the extraction and the transplantation at the new position. The shortened time of storage is – as well as the change between the extraction and transplantation of the hair – a main aspect of the success of the I-FUE-eyebrow transplantation and the achieved high rate of more than 90% of the hair to take roots.

The necessary donor hair will be extracted with a micro hypodermic needle for the eyebrow transplantation, which only has got a diameter of less than 1 mm – just like it is performed for the classical FUE-method.

Compared to outdated techniques for eyebrow  transplantation, like e.g. the strip technology – scars will not maintain. Also pains after the surgery can be reduced for the patient to a minimum, due to the gentle I-FUE-method.

Images upper row

Left: Hypodermic needle (diameter 0.9 mm) is used to obtain single donor hair – worldwide the only used procedure for eyebrow transplants without any scars.

Middle: Our first choice for eyebrow transplants is the extraction of body hair instead of head hair.

Right: Five times enlarged shot: Hypodermic needle is pulled over the hair which have to be extracted.

Images lower row

Left: The punched hair for the eyebrow transplantation gets extracted by using tweezers.

Middle: The donor hair lies in the hand of the hair surgeon.

Right: The extracted transplant gets transplanted to the eyebrow.

Image above

A 22-year old patient with exessively plucked eybrows. Shot directly after the eyebrow transplantation of the left eyebrow with 350 transplants on  method of the I-FUE-single hair transplantation.

Image above

The same patient: Shot six months after the eyebrow transplantation of the left eyebrow with 350 on method of the I-FUE-single hair transplantation.

Due to the fact that it is forbidden in Germany to publish before and after images of patients, we would like to thank you for understanding that we cannot publish any photos of the eyebrow before the treatment.

Advantages of the the I-FUE-eyebrow transplants

The main focus of the I-FUE-eyebrow transplantation is the respect for the healthy donor hair or rather the vital hair follicle.

The traditional and outdated, but unfortunately most often used procedure for eyebrow transplantation in Europe, is still the so called Strip technique (also called strip- or FUT-technology) in order to get donor hair from the back of the head.

This technique (we strictly dissociate from this method!) uses a scalpel in order to extract a skin flap from the back of the patient’s head and the following surturation of this cut. The donor hair will finally get extracted from this skin flap. This skin damaging procedure for eyebrow transplants always goes hand in hand with a scarring at the back of the head (most of the time also very painful). It is also only usable for the collection of hair from the head, but not to obtain body’s owned hair.

For male patients, the hair surgeon sometimes also uses hair of the beard or chest for the eyebrow transplantation. The advantage of this method is, that the hair only has a limited length growth and therefore don't have to be shortened very often.

The I-FUE-method is an optimized form of the classical FUE-method and, in contrast to the strip technique, a gently procedure for your skin – an eyebrow transplantation without using scalpels and stitches.

It is furthermore possible to obtain perfectly suitable bodyhair by using the I-FUE-technique, which is usable for an eyebrow transplantation.

Advantages of the I-FUE-method for eyebrow transplants - overview:

1. Temporally interrupted, repeated phases of extraction and transplantation of the donor hair. The extraction of the transplants on Intermittent Follicle Unit Extraction (I-FUE-) method is effected in not only one long-termed phase of extraction, but in many short extraction intervalls. The donor hair will be transplanted immediately after the extraction. These short changing phases for extraction and transplantation guarantee a short storage and protect the sensitive hair follicles from damages during the eyebrow transplantation. As a result, a higher rate of taking roots  can be achieved for the hair and therefore a better treatment outcome.

Compared to this, the classical FUE- eyebrow transplantation extracts the needed transplants in only one working step and transplants the donor hair after the complete extraction to another area.
This contains a long storage of the donor hair outside the body, which, as a consequence, damages the very sensitive hair follicles.

2. In the Centre for modern hair transplants, the extracted will be stored in a nutrient-rich and body's own growth factors enriched medium. In order to produce this medium, we take blood from our patients. By using a centrifuge, the nutrient-rich plasma gets treated with body's own growth factors. This special solution supports a faster healing of the eyebrow transplants within the transplantation area.

Compared to this, the classical FUE-method stores the hair follicles for a long time in a physiologic and nutrient-free saline solution.

3. The extraction of the donor hair is successfully performed by the I-FUE-method by using a micro hypodermic needle with a diameter of less than 1 mm.

Compared to this, the traditional strip technique uses several damaging cuts with the scalpel in order to extract a skin flap from the head. The donor hair will be extracted from this skin flap afterwards. However, the extracted hair cannot be selected separately and directed from the well suited for this cervical area, which is important for the selection of suitable donor hair for the eyebrow transplantation. As a consequence, the treatment outcome look unnaturally and bristly.

4. The I-FUE-method allows a gentle extraction and transplantation of body hair and head hair.

5. There are no appreciable pains after the procedure on I-FUE-method for eyebrow transplants.

Compared to the traditional procedures, like the strip technique / FUT, where you have to expect pains and lasting scars.

Left image: taking the blood of a patient

Image in the middle and on the right: Production of blood plasma, which is enriched with growth factors. This is the ideal medium for the storage of transplants, as it ensures an early and quick cure of the transplanted hair.