Repositioning by eyebrow transplantation

This special type of eyebrow transplantation allows the extraction of hair follicles, including their roots and the transplantation to the new desired area. This achieves a new, individually suitable form of the eyebrows.

Reza Azar, hair surgeon and expert in the field of eyebrow transplantation, uses a method, named repositioning or neo-positioning of the eyebrows, which relocates the eyebrows within the eyebrow region. New forms of the eyebrows can be created in this way.  If the eyebrow hairs are suitable regarding the criteria for an eyebrow transplantation, will be determined by an expert who analyses the roots of the hair. If the extracted eyebrow hairs do not show any promising structures, hair from the back of the head or body might suits for the repositioning – just like for normal eyebrow transplantation. An expert, who performs the repositioning, might have a positive influence on the facial expression and may let you look younger, more open-minded or more friendly. The repositioning would generally result in a natural form. An enhancement of the outwardly oriented part of the eyebrows or rather of two thirds in the middle lead to an optically rejuvenated face. The hair surgeon Azar always primary considers the individual conditions as well as desires of the patient for the eyebrow transplantation, in order to reach an aesthetic and harmonious result.