Reasons for eyebrow transplantation

The eyebrows are an important part of the face. They have a deep impact on the facial expression. This is why it is important to have beautiful, well-formed eyebrows to support a positive expression. Due to eyebrow transplantation on the basis of I-FUE method, a beautiful form of the eyebrows without scars can be reached. The result furthermore – compared to tattooed eyebrows – is always natural. The reasons for undesirable are, in this case, irrelevant.

Most frequently existing reasons:

1) A frequently plucking of the eyebrows may lead to an irreversible loss of the eyebrows.

2) Genetically caused thin eyebrows.
The missing of one third or two thirds of the eyebrow hairs on the side ist he most common appearance (see image below).

3) Partially loss of the eyebrows, due to an accident or surgery.

Image left: Partially loss of the right eyebrow after a car accident with a resultant laceration.
Image right: Complete loss of the right eyebrow with scarring, due to the radical tumor resection.

4) Alopecia areata (loss of hair in circular patches) with involved eyebrows and its sub-categories.

5) The partially or complete loss of the eyebrows, due to the removal of an eyebrow permanent make up by laser. Lasing in the area of the eyebrows often damages the root of a hair permanently.

6) Systemic diseases

7) Chronic medication