Artificial results through permanent make up

Many women, who suffer from the los of their eyebrows, often decide, due to ignorance of the given possibility for eyebrow transplantation, to get an eyebrow-permanent make up instead. Permanent make up is a tattoo – a permanent “drawing“ on the skin. This procedure is, regarding the current possibilities, an outdated method with unnatural results in comparison to eyebrow transplantation. Even a non-expert is able to recognize the drawing and investigates the unnaturalness
Furthermore, the tattooed result is permanent and starts to fade after 10 years. Faulty drawings or (un)desired “eyebrow forms“ can only be removed partially from the skin by a laser therapy and lead to a complete damage of the existing hair follicles. Of course there are differences in the results of eyebrow permanent make ups, but it is still only a tattooed drawing – no matter how professional it is. Therefore, this procedure is completely outdated and absolutely not recommendable.

Natural results through transplantation of body’s own hair

Much better results can be reached today by means of an eyebrow transplantation with own hair. Using the eyebrow transplantation method allows a thickening, recreation or change of the eyebrow form with natural, own hair, which results in naturally beautiful eyebrows – not distinguishable from the original one (even an expert cannot find the difference). The eyebrow transplantation also offers the opportunity of removing undesired hair outside the eyebrow contours by means of a special hypodermic needle.
The result is absolutely natural!

Image left: Patient, 6 months after the eyebrow transplantation with 300 transplants
Image right: Patient with an eyebrow permanent make up and thin eyebrows, due to too many tweezing