The I-FUE eyebrow transplantation

Our surgery procedure

During the I-FUE eyebrow transplantation, the own donor hair gets extracted and transplanted in short temporary intervals. This happens by using a hypodermic needle with a diameter of 0.9 mm. This prevents the single hair follicles from being damaged and rate of growth is more than 90%. This procedure will be repeated again and again until the desired number of transplants for the eyebrow area has been reached. In comparison to other methods, the I-FUE eyebrow transplantation goes along without the utilisation of a scalpel. A scar-free period after the surgery can therefore be guaranteed. For this reason, the pains afterwards are not noteworthy.

Images upper row: 1) A hypodermic needle (with a diameter of 0.9 mm) is used in order to gain single donor hairs – the worldwide only scar-free extraction procedure for eyebrow transplantation 2) Extraction and transplantation of body hair is our first choice for a successful eyebrow transplantation 3) Fife times higher acceptance: The hypodermic needle is put over the hair in order to extract it.

Images in the lower row: 4) The punched hair will be removed with tweezers. 5) The donor hair, which is supposed to get transplanted, in the hand of the hair surgeon. 6) The extracted transplant gets transplanted to the area of the eyebrow.

Storage of the eyebrow transplants

In the Centre for modern hair transplants Berlin, we've developed a medium, which not only results in a quick healing of the transplanted donor hair, but also guarantees a pain-free phase after the I-FUE eyebrow transplantation surgery. This medium is gained from the patients blood and its own growth factors. This prepares the donor hair before it gets transplanted to the desired area. The result of this procedure, based on the I-FUE eyebrow transplantation method, finally reaches a rate of growth for the transplanted hair of at least more than 90 %.

Image left: Taking blood from the patient.

Images in the middle and on the right: Gaining blood plasma which is enriched with growth factors. It is the best possible medium for the storage of transplants, due to tha fact that it supports a quick healing process for the eyebrow transplants.