Eyelash transplants by I-FUE-method

In the Centre for modern hair transplants, the eyelash transplants are not only used for eyelash thickening and extension for the upper eyelid. The eyelash transplants are also possible for the lower eyelid.  

Through the eyelash transplants we enable for our clients the best possible results with maximum thick eyelashes

Depending on the thickness and structure of the donor hair, between 80 and 150 hairs are used for the eyelash thickening. If no eyelashes exist anymore, up to 300 transplants will be engrafted. The usage of hairs from the head as donor hairs enables an eyelash thickening with amazing visual effects, as the hair from the head keeps its linear growth.

As a consequence, the patients can after the transplantation decide about the length of the transplanted eyelashes and cut them as desired.
Beautiful, thick, long and long-lasting eyelashes are the result.

Shot directly after the eyelash transplantation by I-FUE-method

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Shot directly after the eyelash transplantation by I-FUE-method – one of the worldwide gentles methods for eyelash transplants.

Due to the fact that it is forbidden in Germany to publish the before and after shots of patients, we are not allowed to place any pictures of the treatment. Thank you for your understanding.


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Result 6 months after the eyelash transplants of a patient who has lost all her eyelashes due to a chemotherapy.

Result 3 months after the eyelash transplantation

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Result 3 months after the eyelash transplantation with 90 eyelashes on the upper lid after a complete loss of the eyelashes during the puberty.

Advantages of the I-FUE eyelash transplants

The main focus of the I-FUE-eyelash transplants is the respect for the healthy donor hair or rather the vital hair follicle.

The common and outdated, but unfortunately still mostly practiced method for eyelash transplants, is the so called strip technology (also called FUT-technology) for obtaining donor hair from the back of the head.

This technique (we strictly dissociate from this method!) uses a scalpel in order to extract a skin flap from the back of the patient’s head and the following surturation of this cut. The donor hair will finally get extracted from this skin flap. This skin damaging procedure for eyelash transplants always goes hand in hand with a scarring at the back of the head (most of the time also very painful). It is also only usable for the collection of hair from the head, but not to obtain body’s owned hair.

The I-FUE-method as optimized form of the classical FUE-method is, in contrast to the strip technology, a gentle procedure for eyelash transplants, without scalpel and suture.

Advantages I-FUE-method for eyelash transplants – overview:

1. The extraction of the eyelash transplants by the I-FUE eyelash transplantation won’t take longer than 30 minutes. The donor hair gets promptly transplanted on the areas which have to be treated after each extraction. The transplantation won’t take longer than 45 minutes. As a result, this standadized procedure for eyelash transplants miminizes the danger of damaged hair follicle and guarantees a higher rate of growth as treatment outcome of at least 95%. The extraction and transplantation phases will be repeated again and again until the desired number of transplants for the eyelids is reached.

2. The donor hair will be extracted gentle by using a micro hypodermic needle. This method doesn't need scalpels and is therefore scar-free

3. The I-FUE-eyelash transplants allow a storage of the donor hair in a nutrient-rich and body's own growth factors enriched medium. In order to produce this medium, we take blood from our patients. By using a centrifuge, the nutrient-rich plasma gets treated with body's own growth factors. The nutrient, presented in the plasma, feed the hair follicles during the storage and the growth factors advance the vascularization and physiological cure in the new area.  Through the preparation of the transplants in patient's own plasma and due to the I-FUE-hair transplantation, a faster and pain-free cure is obtained.

After the eyelash transplants, the new eyelashes can have two different types of grow.

Two out of three patients have a prompt long-termed grow of the transplanted eyelashes. They can reach lengths of at least 1 to 1.5 cm per month.

One third of the patients will initially loose the eyelashes directly after the completion of treatment.  But, the transplanted hair follicles will start afterwards with the production of new hair, which leads to a long-termed growing of eyelashes. Those eyelashes will afterwards reach a length growth of at least 1 to 1.5 cm per month..


Left image: taking the blood of a patient

Image in the middle and on the right: Production of blood plasma, which is enriched with growth factors. This is the ideal medium for the storage of transplants, as it ensures an early and quick cure of the transplanted hair.