Eyelash transplantation vs. Eyelash extensions

Eyelash-extensions consist of synthetic fibre, which gets stuck separately to the natural lashes with glue. The result is a look, which often gets associated with thick and long eyelashes. But, the artificial lashes are not a permanent solution – in contrast, an eyelash transplantation is a lifelong solution as body’s own hair gets transplanted to the eyelids where they will start to grow permanently. Eyelash-extensions have to be refilled every two to four weeks. They fall out together with the natural lashes if there is no further and regular treatment. This occurs within the first two to three months after the treatment, depending on the growth rate of the original lashes.

I-FUE eyelash transplantation – a look, which is unique, natural and durable

Eyelash-extensions therefore do not offer a permanent solution, if the desire for beautiful curled, long and thick lashes is given. Due to the fact that artificial lashes need at least a monthly treatment, this method is very expensive and time-consuming. An eyelash transplantation by means of the I-FUE method, developed by Reza Azar, is, however, durable.

Another advantage of the I-FUE eyelash transplantation with donor hair from the body is an uncomplicated treatment afterwards. The transplanted lashes can be treated as usual within a short period following the transplantation. You can use mascara or remove your make up, thanks to the I-FUE eyelash transplantation method and transplanted and now naturally thick eyelashes.  You can furthermore use your favourite products in order to clean your face. Eyelashes, which have been transplanted to your eyelids by means of the I-FUE method, start to grow immediately and become very robust – even rubbing your eyes cannot harm them.

This won’t be possible if you use eyelash-extensions. Everybody who would like to use mascara has to buy special products – developed for artificial lashes only. Oleaginous eye make up removers are forbidden. Only special skin care products are allowed. This complicated handling of the eyelash-extensions always confronts you with the artificial product in your face, which is also very cost-intensive and time-consuming. Besides, the resultant look is unnaturally and artificial.