Eyelash extension through eyelash transplantation

The extraction of donor hair from the head and its transplantation to the eyelid by means of an eyelash transplantation is the only optimal and natural solution to receive long eyelashes. The resultant  eyelash extension by using the I-FUE method for eyelash transplants can be seen as a permanent solution, too. Through a selectively extraction of the transplants and choice of the ideal transplantation angle, the expert and hair surgeon Azar receives great and naturally beautiful treatment results. A special checkup or usage of angle forms are not necessary. Due to a longer growth phase of the head hair transplants, patients are able to cut the lashes to the desired length or let them simply grow. The  eyelash extension through eyelash transplantation changes the glance of the eyes extremely and gives them an expressive depth. Our patients reports from a positive change of their facial expression after just 2 months.