Eyelash thickening through eyelash transplantation

The I-FUE eyelash transplantation is the most natural method in order to give lashes more volume and pep. Thanks to the transplantation of body’s own hair, the glance of your eyes will stay 100 % naturally.

The hair surgeon Reza Azar reaches, by using the I-FUE eyelash transplantation method, a rate of growth of at least 95 % - on the upper eyelid and lower eyelid. Thereby, it doesn’t matter for the performance of eyelash transplantation, if a complete loss of the lashes or only a partially loss of lashes or hairlines is given. The causes for the loss of hair have not impact on the treatment results!

Depending on the given thickness of the eyelashes before the treatment, Azar transplants about 150 to 300 hairs to the region of the eyelids. This procedure results in a best possible thickness. It is recommended to take donor hair from the back of the head. The greatest advantage of this method for eyelash transplantation is that the transplants reach a fantastic length within the transplantation area. The patient is therefore able to cut the lashes to his own desired length.

Compared to artificial lashes, the result of your eyelash transplantation is a natural and permanent look. In the Centre for modern hair transplants Berlin, the surgery is always performed personally from the hair surgeon Azar. The I-FUE method doesn’t need any utilisation of scalpels and sutures. Therefore, this type of eyelash transplantation is almost free of pains and definitely without any scarring!

This is due to the extraction of donor hair by using a hypodermic needle for the I-FUE eyelash transplantation, instead of resecting skin flaps from the scalp in order to gain the donor hair. This procedure prevents the hair follicles from being damaged and therefore results I a high rate of growth within the transplantation area. The speciality of the successful I-FUE method can be seen in the short temporally intervals, in which the hair gets extracted and transplanted again. The fact that the hair is stored as short as possible outside the human body, a fantastic rate of growth can be reached, too.