Eyelash transplantation in Berlin, using the modern and gentle I-FUE method

The Centre for modern hair transplants Berlin is specialized, among other things, in eyelash transplantation. Under the direction of the hair surgeon Reza Azar, the Centre only uses gentle and modern surgical treatments for eyelash transplantation. Azar has developed the FUE method for body hair transplants further in order to get a safer and more gentle transplantation method, which is almost free of pain after the surgery. He and his team use this modern treatment procedure for eyelash transplantation in Berlin.

Azar has been working successfully with this method since 2008 by falling back to a rich expertise, which enables him to listen and respond to the individual desires of each patient.

You are interested in an I-FUE eyelash transplantation in Berlin?

Feel free to contact our medical director, Mr. Reza Azar, in advance by telephone. He will answer all open questions concerning the topic eyelash transplantation in Berlin and also likes to invite you to a first personal consultation.

You have already decided to get an eyelash transplantation?

In this case, you'll get treated by Reza Azar and his professional team in Berlin. The donor hair will be extracted for the transplantation in short intervals from the body. Afterwards, the donor hairs will be prepared and transplanted to the eyelid. In order to supervise the healing process, there will be several checkups after the surgery.

Your result are naturally beautiful lashes with a high rate of growth.

The hair surgeon Azar and his team advise and support you during the whole treatment process in the Centre for modern hair transplants Berlin. We also guarantee to preserve your identity at any time.

We are looking forward to your call.