Reasons for eyelash transplantation

Lashes, as well as eyebrows, have a strong impact on the facial expression. For this very reason, it is a great advantage for the expression to have thick and well-formed eyelashes. I-FUE eyelash transplantation helps to form the eyelashes to that effect – without any scars. The result of an eyelash transplantation with your own hair looks, compared to artificial lashes, naturally beautiful. The causes for lashes, which don’t have the desired form and thickness, are irrelevant.

The reasons are:

1) Congenital defective position of the eyelid with thin lashes and partially missing hairlines (in most cases on the lower eyelid).

Patient, 19 years old, with congenital defective position of the lower eyelid, combined with short lashes and partially missing lash lines on both lower eyelids.

2) Genetically & hormonal caused loss of eyelashes
. The diffuse and partially missing of lashes on the upper and lower eyelids is often an irreversible process, due to hormonal reasons (in most of the cases).

Image left: Patient, 38 years old with an increasing loss of the eyelashes and hairs of the eyebrows
Image right: Patient, 23 years old with an increasing loss of the eyelashes and partially missing hairlines since the beginning of puberty (eyebrows are not affected)

3) Loss of hair and scaring due to accidents or surgeries

4) Systemic diseases, cancer with radio therapy and chemotherapy

5) Chronic medication