Our service – Your advantages

In the Centre for modern hair transplants Berlin, we offer you eyelash transplantation with best possible results. The I-FUE eyelash transplantation method, specially developed by our medical director, Mr. Reza Azar, is the most gentle and latest method for hair transplants. It offers great treatment results with a high rate of growth of the eyelash transplants after the surgery, as well a naturally beautiful appearance of thick, shapely lashes.

Our services - overview

  1. Professional medical consultation.
  2. The whole surgery will be performed by the expert Azar himself (consultation, planning, extraction and transplantation, checkup).
  3. Application of the I-FUE method for eyelash transplantation, developed by Azar (which is currently the most gentle and latest procedure for eyelash transplantation) without scalpel, scar-free and without any pains after the surgery.
  4. Storage and preparation of the transplants in plasma, obtained from the patients own blood, with body's own growth factors for a fast healing of the transplants and immediate treatment results.
  5. The maximum possible thickness of eyelash transplants, without limitation of the number of hair transplants (treatment duration: between 5 to 8 hours).
  6. Due to the fact that no reliable hair surgeon is able to guarantee a 100% rate of growth, we offer a free of charge secondary treatment, if necessary.

Costs for an eyelash transplantation

The total costs for an eyelash transplantation in the Centre for modern hair transplants Berlin come to 3000 to 3500 Euro (including  19% VAT).