Eyelash transplantation or false eyelashes

There are several ways of keeping an alluring upward glance - artificial or by surgery. False eyelashes are a cost-effective method for eyelash extensions. False eyelashes mostly consist of synthetic materials, using glue to fix them above the natural lashes. Beside the low prices of, at least, starting from 2 Euros upwards, the main advantage of false eyelashes is that they are easily obtainable in the drugstore.

But false eyelashes also have significant disadvantages. The disadvantages underlie the usage of glue in order to apply false lashes, which can be harmful to health. Moreover, the lashes get stucked to the original lash line as a whole which results in an unnatural look. This is why the effect of false eyelashes is more suitable for unique events, such as a carnival party or masked ball. For patients, who have completely or partly lost their lashes on the upper or lower eyelid due to a disease, this short-termed method for eyelash extensions is not applicable. This also applies for everybody else who is interested in permanent eyelash extensions. Artificial lashes or rather eyelash extensions are not permanent, too.

A permanent beautiful and natural glance can only be reached by an eyelash transplantation with body's own donor hair.


In the Centre for modern hair transplants Berlin, the hair surgeon Reza Azar uses the specifically developed I-FUE method in the field of eyelash transplantation. The result of this kind of eyelash transplantation are maximum thick and long, beautiful curled lashes, which can be formed completely according to the patients desires. Single hairs get transplanted to the previously agreed area of the lash line by using the I-FUE eyelash transplantation.


For all those, who are interested in a permanent eyelash extension, Reza Azar recommends the I-FUE eyelash transplantation. This is an unique surgery method and almost free of pain and scar-free. An eyelash transplantation guarantees a perfect upward glance for everyone – an one-shot investment for your beauty, instead of trusting in cheap products from the drugstore over and over again.