Forms of eyelashes

The hair surgeon Reza Azar uses his specially developed I-FUE method for eyelash transplantation in the Centre for modern hair transplants Berlin, in order to give your lashes a perfect form and ideal curl. Using the I-FUE method for eyelash transplantation, Azar achieves the perfect form by transplanting single hairs to the desired area of the eyelid. This procedure allows to do more than only thicken the hair. The hair surgeon Azar is able to design whole lash lines, too.

This methods uses, most of the time, hair of the head as donor hair for the eyelash transplantation. This hair is the best suitable one as it reaches the natural length growth after the eyelash transplantation. This enables the patient to cut the lashes to the desired length.

The lashes get extracted with a hypodermic needle, so that an eyelash extension can perfectly guaranteed and the patient receives the desired form. The procedure for eyelash transplantation guarantees a careful and pain-free extraction technology. Scalpels are not in use in the Centre for modern hair transplants Berlin. Therefore this method for  eyelash transplants  is scar-free.

By using the body's own donor hair, an eyelash thickening of 95% on the upper and lower eyelid can be guaranteed. Depending on the former thickness of the lashes, between 150 and 300  donor hairs get transplanted during the eyelash transplantation. Beside gaining the maximum thickness, Azar also confirms a natural appearances of the patient during the hair transplantation of body's own hair. The special characteristic of the I-FUE method can be found in the short intervals between extraction and transplantation. The eyelash transplantation doesn't gives the patients face a defined contour, but a newly gained, aesthetic balance in the eyelash region.