Eyelash transplantation by using the I-FUE method

The I-FUE eyelash transplantation enables you to thicken and extend lashes to your personal desires – gentle and completely scar-free. At the same time, the result always looks naturally beautiful.

Preparation for the I-FUE eyelash transplantation

Before the surgery, effected by the hair surgeon Reza Azar, he explains in a personal counselling talk the treatment, using the I-FUE method. The doctors develops an individual treatment concept for each of his patients. Thereby, the required number of hair transplants and the exact position of the donor area will be defined.

Compared to many other hair surgeons, Reza Azar is also able to thicken and extend lashes on the lower eyelid by using the I-FUE eyelash transplantation. In order to reach a maximum thickness of the lashes on the upper and lower eyelid, Azar transplants about  150 hair follicles for the thickening of eyelashes. In case of almost completely or complete loss of hair, up to 300 single hairs will be transplanted to the eyelid. The usage of hair from the head for the eyelash transplantation leads to a sensational eyelash extension. This type of eyelash transplantation enables the patient to cut the lashes to the desired length. The result are beautiful, thick, long and permanent lashes.

Surgical procedure by using the I-FUE eyelash transplantation

The I-FUE surgical method for eyelash transplantation with body's own donor hair can be effected completely without using a scalpel. This is why a scar-free wound healing as well as no noteworthy pains after the surgery can be guaranteed.

During the I-FUE eyelash transplantation, the body's own donor hair get extracted and also transplanted in short-termed intervals. This is due to the used hypodermic needle, which has a diameter of les than 1 mm. The intermitted process of extraction and transplantation gets repeated over and over again in the eyelid area, until the previously agreed number of transplants has been reached.

The extracted donor hair is stored in the meantime in a nutrient-rich medium, which is also enriched with growth factors of the own body. This is why a very high rate of growth can be reached for the transplanted hair in the desired area.

Treatment after the I-FUE hair transplantation

The hair surgeon Azar will personally supervise the healing process  of your transplants in the period following the I-FUE hair transplantation. Azar as well as a team of experts will take care of you in the Centre for modern hair transplants during the whole treatment process.