Natural or false eyelashes?

Artificial and false eyelashes are often used for patients with thin and short eyelashes, instead of an eyelash transplantation in order to receive an eyelash thickening and eyelash extension. The utilization of such artificial aids leads, compared to an eyelash transplantation with body's own donor hair, to a biomechanical stress of the original eyelashes and might results in a complete loss of the remaining lashes. The newer generations of the so called  eyelash extensions often lead to a loss of the original eyelashes and can be seen, in the medium term, as damaging for the remaining native lashes. An eyelash extension is furthermore a very time-consuming and unnatural process with higher costs, compared to an  eyelash transplantation.

Patients, who decide for an eyelash transplantation in our medical centre, get permanent and naturally beautiful lashes by transplanting hair from the head to the desired areas of the eyelids. The new hair will start to grow immediately. Thanks to the eyelash transplantation method, the beholder will not be able to distinguish the added hair from the naturally grown lashes. The application of head hair as new eyelashes leads to an eyelash extension, which is beyond the usual length growth and therefore glamorizes your eyes with a mysterious, special glance. 

The  eyelash transplantation is therefore not only applicable for a natural  eyelash extension, but also in order to thicken the eyelashes on the upper and lower eyelid. This is why the hair surgeon Azar belongs to a small number of experts worldwide who have a perfect command of the art of eyelash transplantation on both eyelids with the highest rate of lash thickening.