Our surgical procedure by using the I-FUE eyelash transplantation

The obsolete methods for eyelash transplantation use scalpels in order to extract donor from the back of the head. In order to gain the donor hair, a skin flap gets cut from the back of the head and cut into pieces. The resultant gap of the skin will be sutured or rather tacked after the extraction. This type of eyelash transplantation is a very painfully procedure and leaves scars.

The I-FUE (Intermittent Follicle Unit Extraction) method, developed by the hair surgeon Reza Azar, is an optimized form of the traditional FUE method for eyelash transplantation. The donor hair gets extracted by using a hypodermic needle with a small diameter of at least 0.9 mm. This gentle and scalpel-free method doesn't result in scars or any noteworthy pains after the  eyelash transplantation. Due to the fact that the donor hair gets extracted and transplanted alternately (intermittent), the storage period for the extracted hair outside the body can be shortened significantly. The short periods of storage and the gentle method for extraction lead to a great result of the eyelash transplantation: The hair starts to grow immediately after the surgery and reach a high rate of growth.

Images top row: 1) Goal of the eyelash transplantation are long and thick lashes, this is why we only use hair of the head which have been extracted by using the IFUE-single hair extraction from the back of the head 2) Hypodermic needle (diameter 0.9 mm) is used for gaining single donor hair 3) Fife times higher acceptance: hypodermic gets put over the hair which is meant to get extracted for the transplantation

Images bottom row: 4) The punched hair for the eyelash transplantation gets extracted by using tweezers 5) The donor hair lies in the hand of the hair surgeon 6) The donor hair can now get transplanted to the desired area of the upper or lower lid. The picture shows the result of an eyelash transplantation, 3 months after the surgery and a complete loss of the eyelashes on the upper lid.

Healing of the eyelash transplants

In order to reach a quick healing of the donor hair as well as a pain-free healing after the surgery, the transplants will be stored during the I-FUE eyelash transplantation  and before they get transplanted to the donor area – in blood plasma which has been previously enriched with blood of the patient. Thereby, the transplants get impregnated with body's own growth factors. The hair will be stored in this medium between extraction and transplantation. The result of the I-FUE eyelash transplantation is a higher rate of growth of more than 90% of the transplanted hair.

Image left: Blood collection
Images in the middle and on the right: Gaining plasma which is enriched with growth factors for a short and gentle storage of the donor hair for the eyelash transplantation outside the body. This leads to an early healing of the transplants and the highest rate of growth in the field of eyelash transplantation.