FAQ - Body hair transplantation

Here you can find frequently asked questions and our responses. This list of questions is updated constantly and extended.

What kind of body hair is suitable for body hair transplants?

Almost all types of body hair are suitable as transplants. However, the structure and colour of the donor hair are an important creterion for the selection of the right hair for the transplantation. The more robust and thicker the hair, the merrier the suitability of the donor hair for a transplantation.

How does transplanted body hair appear on the head?

The transplanted body hair on the head matches regarding the structure and length growth with the hair of the head. They can also achieve the same length growth like the native head hair. The length of the hair is therefore not genetically defined. This means that the transplantation of body hair into the scalp extends the phase of growing. This might happen via different control mechanism, which is not known so far.

What medical indicators exist for the transplantation of body hair?

Low number of donor hair at the back of the head.