FAQ - Loss of hair

Here you can find frequently asked questions and our responses. This list of questions is updated constantly and extended.

Loss of hair for women

I suffer from a strong loss of hair for 10 years now and no dermatologist can help me. Do you offer special consultations for women who suffer from the loss of hair?

Regarding women, the loss of hair is actually due to other causes than form men. While 95 % of men who suffer from the loss of hair which is due to genetically hair loss, it is mostly caused for women by harmonic hair loss. A goal-oriented POCT (point-of-care testing) is the first step towards the treatment of hair loss for women. I would like to help you. Please contact me in order to make an appointment for a consultation.

Loss of hair through smoking

Does smoking have an effect on the outcome of the hair transplantation?

This question has definitely to be answered with a clear Yes. The negative influence of smoking on the hair follicles has been scientifically proven. If the patient is not able to stop smoking by himself, I suggest to reduce smoking by using the corresponding medication two weeks before the treatment starts and to stop smoking one week before. Therefore you will get perceptions from us.

Loss of hair through stress

Is there any link between the loss of hair and stress?

Numerous patients describe this link. Most common factors of stress, which are linked with the loss of hair, belong to examination stress and stress within the relation to the partner (separation / divorce). It can be assumed that also the genetically loss of hair is caused to factors of stress like this.