Hair transplants

Hair transplant is already known as hair transplantation or transplantation of your own hair.

In order to understand the process of hair transplants, it is important to point out that new hair can only be produced indirectly by a hair transplant. A hair transplant is rather a new distribution of healthy, hair producing follicles, which are responsible for the production of healthy hairs.

Healthy hair follicles, used for this purpose, must have an anergy against the harmful male hormone DHT (Dihydrotestosterone – an exact definition can be found in the glossary), which gives them a current and future resistance to the loss of hair. These valuable hair follicles will be taken from hairy and healthy parts of the body (e.g. from the back of the head or from the body) and afterwards implanted to the already prepared hair cavity at the desired position where they can grow for lifetime.

It is consequently possible to transplant healthy hair which can grow vital and for a long time – also for parts of the body which are affected from the loss of hair – by using hair transplants.

However, a hair transplant is only possible with body’s own hair. In other words, the explants of hair and its transplantation to another position can only be effected for the same person. Foreign hair will be rejected from the body.

Hair transplants by using the I-FUE-method
– the gentlest and latest method for hair transplants

Hair transplants by using the I-FUE-method

The novel I-FUE-method is the gentlest form for hair transplants. By using this method, it is possible to transplant hair scar-free and without scalpel cuttings with high quality treatment outcomes at the same time.

The acronym I-FUE stands for „Intermittent Follicle Unit Extraction“. This state-of-the-art treatment method for hair transplants was developed and optimized by the hair surgeon Reza Azar of the classical FUE-method. Since 2009, he has been successfully used this method for a goal-oriented treatment against the loss of hair.

Scope of the I-FUE-method

The I-FUE-method is well suitable for all types of the loss of hair. Even the smallest receding hairlines can be treated as effective as big bald spots on the head. Even eyelashes and eyebrows can be transplanted with this method and without investing much time.

By using the I-FUE-method, a faster healing of the transplanted hair as well as a higher rate of growth can be reached. The result of the treatment is a naturally growing hair, which cannot be differentiated from natively grown hair. Depending on the initial situation, a corresponding number of hair will be transplanted which is reflected in the very effectively and at the same time naturally appearing results.

The I-FUE-method
- optimized form of the FUE-method for hair transplant

Both procedures of modern single hair transplant contain an identical technique to extract each hair separately. The same instruments in order to extract the donor hair are used for both procedures, too. Each hair gets extracted with a hypodermic needle from the donor area.

As a result, both methods are gentle and scar-free with less complication rates in the field of hair transplants.

Compared to the strip excision (an explanation can be found in the glossary), a cut with the scalpel in order to extract single hair is not necessary and therefore scar-free.

Images top row

Left: Extraction area for donor hair at the back of the head
Middle: hypodermic needle (diameter 0.9 mm) which is used for the extraction of single hairs
Right: the hypodermic needle gets put over the hair which shall be extracted (five times enlarged view)

Images lower row

Left: the removed hair gets extracted with sterile tweezers
Middle: the donor hair lies in the hand of the hair surgeon
Right: implantation of the donor hair at the desired position

Advantages of the I-FUE-method

Compared to the classical FUE-method for hair transplants, the I-FUE-method reaches considerably better treatment outcomes.

Through a reiterated repetition of short extraction and transplantation phases of the transplants, the shortest possible time for storage outside the body is ensured, whereby a quicker healing and higher rate of hair growth can be reached.

In the forefront of the I-FUE hair transplants is the special care and respectful handling of the transplants, which have a high sensitivity. After having extracted the donor hair, the I-FUE-method uses a special treatment of the transplants regarding the storage in a nutrient-rich and with growth factors enriched storage-medium, which was obtained from the blood of the patient before.

The definition "Intermittent" describes the repeating and brief phases for extraction and transplantation of the transplants during the treatment, while a classical FUE hair transplant contains of only one extraction and transplantation phase.


Blood plasma extraction for a gentle storage of the transplants in a nutrient-rich medium