The choice of a doctor for a hair transplantation – important criteria

It is important to understand before you decide to undergo a hair transplantation, that this type of surgery changes the outer appearance much more than a, for example, lifting or a lipectomy. A successful hair transplantation can improve your self-confidence and return the lost hair, so that the inside and outside of your body reconcile with each other again.

The fact, that a hair transplantation is just a reallocation of hair which is not affected by the genetically caused loss of hair and that the number of this so called donor hair is limited, shall have influence on the careful selection of a specialized surgeon.

Will the extracted donor hair be split up?

It is important to examine during the selection of a doctor, if the extracted transplants will be split up in single donor hairs by an technical assistant for the hair transplantation. Any manipulation of the donor hair outside the body damages the highly sensitive hair follicles. A splitting of a hair follicle with several hairs into smaller transplants destroys the anatomic structure of the hair roots and results after the hair transplantation in bad treatment results and a low rate of growth.