The successful FUE-hair transplantation in Berlin

The FUE-hair transplantation in Berlin is a gentle method for single hair transplants. The hair surgeon Reza Azar, located in Berlin, practices with the  FUE-method for hair transplants an especially effective and optimized method for FUE-hair transplants, which enables him to gain a high rate of growth of the transplanted hair. The IFUE-hair transplantation in Berlin, an enhanced version of the classical  FUE-method, is, due to its very successful treatment results, a forward-looking method in the field of modern hair transplants.

The FUE-hair transplantation method in Berlin

The FUE-hair transplantation in Berlin, reflects the principle of an intermittently extraction and transplantation of single hair follicles. The hair expert Reza Azar thereby extracts the body's own donor hair by using a very thin hypodermic needle. After a very short storage in a nutrient-rich storage medium, the extracted hair gets transplanted to the transplantation area.  Due to the fact that the hair gets stored for only a short period outside its familiar surroundings of the human body, this optimized version of FUE-hair transplants in Berlin gains a very high rate of growth.

This enables the hair surgeon in the Centre for modern hair transplants in Berlin, besides an usual hair transplantation, to perform a body hair transplantation, too. This might be very successful, but only used for exceptional cases. Only if the patient suffers from such an immense loss of hair, so that there is no healthy donor hair on his head anymore, the body hair transplantation is used. Here, the hair surgeon Reza Azar extracts the donor hair by using his special  FUE-hair transplantation method in order to get donor hair from the body and to place it at the desired position.

The successes of the FUE-hair transplantation in Berlin

Although hair from the head is the best donor hair for transplants, a good and naturally looking result can be reached by using hair from the body. This is because transplanted hair has got the characteristic to change its structural properties and to adapt to the transplantation area. The body hair gets, after the FUE-hair transplantation, the outer characteristics of the native head hair.  This is why hair from the chest, for example, reaches after the transplantation the same length growth like the hair of the head.

Due to this sensational knowledge and an accordingly usage and realization of natural looking transplantation results, Reza Azar has had several TV-appearances during the last years with his special  FUE-method for hair transplants. In November 2008, he performed for the first time a body hair transplantation on TV for the scientific magazine „Galileo“. A positive word about his advanced IFUE-method got around the sector of hair experts and patients, which is also caused by the great results. An increasing number of people can now stand to benefit from the already well-established and gentle FUE-hair transplantation in Berlin and to get permanently rid of suffering from the loss of hair.