The correction of a failed hair transplantation

The multitude of patients, who visit us in order to correct failed hair transplantations, are the basis and reason for Reza Azars ambition to become an expert in the field of corrections of failed hair transplant surgeries. Unfortunately, this specialisation seems to be necessary.

Reasons for failed hair transplant surgeries might be:

  • The utilisation of outdated treatments, which cause severe complications, such as scarring or hair thinning in the respective donor area.
  • Utilisation of unsuitable devices (most of the time too abrasive).
  • Incompetent treatment, due to badly trained and non-expert medical staff. It often happens that parts of the treatment are delegated to untrained staff members, who are not qualified enough to work adequately and correctly, which leads to irreparable damages and optically bad results.

The causes for failed hair transplant surgeries may be different. Outdated treatment methods or incompetent treatment are, in most of the cases, the main reasons for it. The result is the same – dissatisfied patients who need a correction.

About 30% of the patients in the Centre for modern hair transplants suffer from such an unprofessional treatment, carried out abroad or inland. These patients have often undergone several hair transplantations with an unpleasant result.

Professional and well-performed hair transplantations have positive effects – only visible for those, who have known the patient before –everybody else would never guess, due to its natural appearance that is the result of a hair transplantation.

In contrast, an unprofessional hair transplant surgery has negative effects, due to its unnatural appearance. The doll's eyes phenomenon, scars or an unnatural direction of growth are examples for such failures. As a consequence, the primary problem of the patient still have not been solved, but worsened. In most of the cases, those patients believe that the only possibility, in order to solve the problem, is a correction.

What can go wrong during a hair transplantation?

Heavy mistakes, which result in the necessity of a correction, can already be made when extracting the donor hair for the first time. If the extraction is too aggressive, it might leads to a trauma-caused thinning of the head hair, which is irreparable. The widespread assumption that a high number of transplants are a special sign of quality for good hair transplant surgeries is wrong.

The transplantation of the donor hair often goes hand in hand with mistakes, too. Those mistakes become apparent later (e.g. doll's eyes phenomenon). A wrong positioning of the donor hair leads to a wrong direction of growth. Less know-how or care lead to a low number of transplants which start to grow, which is why many patients decide to undergo a correction.

What are the reasons for a correction?

Due to the costs, many patients prefer a “cheaper“ treatment abroad. These surgeries are often performed by non-medical staff or by using abrasive instruments, outdated methods or an incorrect utilisation of modern hair transplants. Unfortunately, many patients, who visit our Centre for modern hair transplants in order to correct faulty surgeries, often refer to such experience.