Planning of the hair transplantation

The individual style of the surgeon is reflected in the quality of the consultation and the treatment results after the  hair transplantation.

Special care must be taken for the loss of hair caused by genetic factors on the male and female relatives in the first and second degree, which is also a planning criteria for the hair transplantation. This will be achieved through a complete family history and shall be used to identify and identification of the family member who has passed on the loss of hair to the patient.

Left image: Father, 55 years old, Norwood Hamilton Skala V
In the middle: Son, 20 years old, with a high forehead and a beginning loss of hair
Right image: Son, 26 years old, no treatment with minoxidil or finasteride so far, Hamilton Norwood Skala IV A

Medical history: The patient is 26 years old and suffers from  genetically caused loss of hair, which results in a continuous hair loss since he was 20 years old. Due to the high suffering, he introduced his wish for a hair transplantation at the first consultation. The photo of his father he brought to the consultation shows the same type of hair loss. In this case, the father passed on the loss of hair to his son.

Anticipating types of hair loss and the transplantation of healthy donor hair

A lot of young patients start to suffer quite early from genetically caused loss of hair and would like to undergo a transplantation of body's own hair as soon as possible. I try to anticipate the progressive and future loss of hair for young patients after the creation of a detailed family history. Hair, which is affected by genetically loss of hair, shall not be extracted and used as donor hair for the hair transplantation, because the patient would shed a lot of hair afterwards again. Therefore it is very important to define the individual so called “save donor area“, which is currently and in future not affected by the genetically caused loss of hair.

Left image: Father, 65 years old, Norwood Hamilton VI
Right image: Son, 34 years old, Norwood Hamilton III Vertex, the red fields and the areas within these fields show a shaky donor area.

How many transplants will be needed for the hair transplantation?

In order to answer this question for our patients and each case, the hair surgeon Azar has developed a special software for the hair transplantation and the calculation of the transplantation area on the scalp. The multiplication of the planned hair thickness per square centimeter with the calculated bald area, resulting from the calculation software, gives the sum of the needed number of hair transplants.