Hints for the treatment

Please note the following hints for the preparation before the hair transplantation, in order to guarantee an optimal treatment process:

  • Please do not drink any alcohol on day before the treatment starts and go to bed early in order to be rested.
  • Wear comfortable and loose clothing on the day of the hair transplantation, which does not have to be pulled off over the head.
  • Do not take any medication which contains aspirin 10 days before the surgery. The same is valid for dope or sleeping pills as well as red wine.
  • Medication which contains acyclovir should not be taken 6 weeks before the hair transplantation.
  • If you have to take physician-directed medication, please take it with you to the treatment date.
  • If you regularly take medication against coagulopathy or rather medication which contains coumarin (e.g. Marcumar), you have to contact the attending physician before the hair transplantation.
  • Our patients who have a fix treatment date, we release a separate handout for your individual pretreatment of the transplantation area, which optimizes the medicated treatment process and which also has positive effects on the result.

In most cases, a hair transplantation is the most successful method for people who suffer from the loss of hair and who do not want to go without natural, thick hair. The I-FUE method is the latest and gentlest version from the given possibilities of hair transplants in order to fight the loss of hair.

The hair surgeon Reza Azar creates an individual treatment concept as well as complete family history in preparation for the I-FUE hair transplantation. Only with the help of an individual patient history, it will be possible to define the kind of hair loss and to plan an accordingly adapted treatment.

By use of a specially designed software, developed by Reza Azar, the required number of transplants can be calculated. Furthermore, an analysis takes place in order to define the healthy hair, which is suitable as donor hair. If the head hair is not suitable, because it might be affect later from the loss of hair, it might be possible to take body hair for the hair transplantation. Due to the fact that body hair later adapts to the length growth of the head hair, it is possible to gain an excellent result through a body hair transplantation.

Only healthy, body's own donor hair will be used for the I-FUE hair transplantation. The donor hair gets extracted from the head or body with a hypodermic needle and later transplanted to the intended transplantation area. As the hypodermic needle has a very small diameter of less than 1 cm, there will be no scars. Pains after the surgery are minimal, too.

In order to guarantee the best possible rate of growth, the storage period, outside the body, is as short as possible. This is possible and guaranteed due to Azar's intermittent process of extraction and transplantation. The permanent change between extracting and transplanting hair is the speciality of the I-FUE method, which, as a result, gains a very high growth rate.

Hints for the follow-up treatment

The follow-up treatment will be individually designed for each patient in our medical centre.

The scalp can generally be washed with a normal shampoo for babies 24 hours after the hair transplantation. The transplantation area should be washed 4 to 5 times a day without using the hands under a tepid, light water-jet 24 hours after the hair transplantation. The scalp can be dabbed with a soft, clean towel, if necessary. The usual washing procedure for the scalp can be started on the sixth day after the hair transplantation with a normal shampoo for babies with the help of your hands.

Sportive activities can also be started on the sixth day after the hair transplantation, no matter what level the patient has  (professional sportsman, competitive sportsman or recreational athlete).