Modern hair transplants based on the I-FUE method

Hair transplants, based on the I-FUE method, belong to the modern and gentle versions of hair transplants. It basically follows the  principle of FUE hair transplants. They have in common that the extraction of the donor hair is carried out with thin medical devices. The hair follicles get extracted with the help of a micro-hypodermic needle. The difference of both methods can be found in the timing. During the transplantation based on I-FUE method, the storage times of the the hair follicles outside the body will be kept as sort as possible.

The hair surgeon Reza Azar has developed the I-FUE method and uses it successfully in his practice, the Centre for modern hair transplants Berlin. Due to the intermittent, which means alternately, procedure and based on the careful treatment of the damageable hair transplants, he is able to create a gentle procedure for  hair transplantations.

Careful extraction of donor hair

The key advantage of FUE hair transplants is – compared to the strip technique – that the skin gets almost not hurt. According to this, bigger scars cannot occur and therefore, after the surgery, no appreciable pains to expect.

During the hair transplantation, the hair surgeon carefully punches the hair follicle by using a micro-hypodermic needle. He afterwards extracts the hair follicles with tweezers. The donor hair will be stored in a nutrient-rich medium, which was produced individually with the blood plasma of the patient, until the insertion. Finally the third step follows: the extracted donor hair gets transplanted carefully to the bald areas or areas with sparse hair.

Hair transplantations with a good growth rate

The difference between FUE and I-FUE hair transplants is the temporal process. While the FUE hair transplantation method can be splitted into 3 longer phases – the extraction (phase 1), the storage (phase 2) and the implantation (phase 3) – the single steps permanently rotate during the surgery on I-FUE method. As a result, the phases can be kept shortly.

Due to this alternately procedure, the donor hair only remains for only a short time outside the body. This protects the damageable follicles. As a result, the new hair will quickly start to heal. The growth rate is accordingly high.