I-FUE hair transplants – the gentlest and latest method to transplant donor hair, scar-free

Preparation for the hair transplantation

Before the hair surgeon treats you, he will elucidates in a personal consultation the treatment process on I-FUE method. He furthermore calculates the required number of transplants with a special software. Therefore he has to make a complete family history, in order to diagnose the type of hair loss. This is especially important, so that only healthy hair will be used as transplants.

The I-FUE hair transplantation

The I-FUE method for hair transplants for body's own donor hair is performed without scalpel. This is why we are able to guarantee a scar-free wound healing without any appreciable pains after the surgery.

The donor hair gets extracted by using a hypodermic needle, just like for the FUE hair transplantation. The needle has a diameter of less than 1 mm. As a result, the needle is small enough in order to avoid scars and big enough in order not to damage the hair follicles. At first, all hair for the transplantation gets extracted during the FUE hair transplantation and afterwards transplanted to before provided place. In the meantime, the hair gets stored in a storage medium, which is, in most cases, nutrient-poor salt solution.

In order to shorten the time for the storage outside the body, the hair gets extracted and transplanted in several repeatedly short intervals during the I-FUE hair transplantation. The extracted donor hair is stored in the meantime in a nutrient-rich medium, which is also enriched with growth factors of the own body.

For the production of this medium, we previously collect blood from the patient and gain by using a centrifuge a plasma which is enriched with body's own growth factors. The nutrients, contained in the plasma, supply the hair follicles during the storage and quicken the healing of the transplants in the new area. This is why a very high rate of growth can be reached for the transplanted hair after the I-FUE hair transplantation.

Treatment after the I-FUE hair transplantation

The hair surgeon Azar will personally supervise the healing process  of your transplants in the period following the I-FUE hair transplantation. Azar as well as a team of experts will take care of you in the Centre for modern hair transplants during the whole treatment process.