The I-FUE method for hair transplants

The I-FUE hair transplantation is the most gentle and latest surgery method for the transplantation of donor hair from your own body hair. This ensures a high rate of growth – scar-free and without any appreciable pains after the treatment.

In the Centre for modern hair transplants Berlin, you'll get treated by the hair surgeon Reza Azar. He is a specialist in the field of FUE hair transplants who optimized and developed this method further to the I-FUE method. Therefore, an even better growth rate of the donor hair can be reached in the transplantation area.

Possibilities of the I-FUE hair transplantation

The hair surgeon Reza Azar is generally able to transplant hair from the body as well as from the head by using the I-FUE method for hair transplants.

The knowledge about the fact that body hair, which has been transplanted from the body to the head, reaches the same growth in length like the hair from the head, is very valuably. It turns the body hair into the most important donor hair for hair transplants. The knowledge about this phenomenom and the clinical experiences of the Centre for modern hair transplants Berlin in this special field of the I-FUE method for body hair transplants are unique, even across the borders of Germany.

This enables the hair surgeon Azar to perform a hair surgery also for advanced loss of hair or rather a complete bald. Thereby, waiving a natural look of the result is not necessary. A simultaneous, secondary effect of the body hair transplantation is the removal of unwanted body hair.

In addition to the large-area loss of hair, the I-FUE method for body hair transplants can also be performed for smaller receding hairlines or a circular loss of hair. Even eyelashes and eyebrows can be transplanted with the I-FUE method.

Azar furthermore transplants hair of the head by using the I-FUE method, too. This hair has a great effect when getting transplanted to the eyelash area. In addition to an optimal thickness of eyelash hair, the hair surgeon reaches a enormous eyelash extension. The transplanted eyelashes can be trimmed after the I-FUE method for eyelash transplantations to the desired length so that the result of the surgery looks naturally.