Field reports

The current legal situation in Germany forbids the utilization of before and after photos in order to document medical procedures.

Without the comparison of before and after photos, a realistic assessment is hardly possible for laypeople. However, to allow our patients to get an idea of the quality result of already performed surgeries, we have created this area for experience reports. Previously treated patients give insights into their treatment outcomes and report about their personal experiences.

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Comment by Armin H. am 09-26-2010

Hello Mr. Azar! One year has passed since my body hair transplantation in your centre. The body hair already adapted in their length to the hair of my head and I am really happy about the result.
Many regards from Austria,Armin H.

Comment by Maik Baber am 09-25-2010

Dear Mr. Azar,

Many thanks for the great result. The transplantation has made me very happy. Everybody around me asks me, what I did. But due to the great result, nobody can see that I have undergone a plastic surgery!!! I feel 20 years younger now.

See you soon,
Maik Baber

Comment by Oliver T. am 09-24-2010

Hello, dear Mr. Azar! Congratulation for your great homepage! I wish I would have met you a few years before! As a "senior", who was already dismissed from others, your method and you worked wonders! Since your treatment, nobody has ever asked me again if my hair was transplanted!

See you soon, Oliver T.

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