Prices for hair transplants on I-FUE-method

A graft / transplant amounts 4.00 € to 6.00 € per hair transplant of the head and 5.00 € per body hair transplant.

The prices of hair transplants in the Centre for modern hair transplants contain:

  • Patient-specific anamnesis (medical history)
  • The personal consultation through the medical director Reza Azar
  • Creation of an individual treatment concept, based on the physical conditions and desires of the patient
  • Treatment by using the gentle I-FUE-method for single hair transplants through the medical director Reza Azar
  • Check-ups (if necessary)

Based on the desired results of the patient (a high number of hair transplants achieves a proportionately high hair thickness) and his / her physical conditions, we create an individual treatment plan, including a no obligation quote for the hair transplantation by using the gentle I-FUE-method.

As the treatment is performed under local anaesthesia, the patient still has the possibility to influence the hairline form and / or the desired thickness during the surgery. Depending on the desire of the patient and in consultation with the doctor, the number of the hair transplants can be increased or reduced during the surgery, too. 

The real costs will be determined on the basis of the actually transplanted hair transplants, relating to the price per transplant as mentioned above.

Please note that we do not accept installment payment.